Bog Oak Sculptures

How it all began.

Bog Oak Sculptures is run by Larry Harney and his son Lorcan in Clane, Co. Kildare. The studio was established by Larry who has been working with this beautiful wood for over 25 years. A native of Wexford with a strong hurling background, Larry settled in Kildare over 35 years ago and still longs for hurling success in his adopted county. Lorcan inherited this passion for working this ancient wood and like his father regards hurling as another unique art form.

Larry first came across bog oak in Foxhall near Loughrea Co. Galway. Some ground was being reclaimed and these incredible pieces of bog oak were unearthed. He was fascinated with what he saw and began learning more about bog oak, how it was formed and preserved, and knew immediately that he wanted to work with this uniquely Irish of materials. Both Larry and Lorcan have been sculpting and working with bog oak ever since.

Nature Leads. We Follow.

Larry and Lorcan works with the natural shapes in the wood rather than sculpting very definite outlines or figures.

Art is man’s expression of his joy in labour.

Henry Kissinger

Their unique and artistic approach is to allow nature decide the shape of each sculpture. They do not use templates or hack bog oak pieces into shapes that they want. Instead, they follow nature’s lead and fashion what it has formed.

This approach preserves the unique heritage and history of each piece, and guarantees that every one of their sculptures is unique.

Larry and Lorcan are always very grateful and appreciative to their creator at the moment when they have completed their sculpture piece. Every one is always very special, considering the age of this amazing wood.

Larry Harney

Our Work

The pieces at Bog Oak Sculptures are unique and personal gift for Retirements, Weddings, or any special occasion. They can take pride of place on mantle pieces or be focal points in lobbies or outdoors, in gardens etc. Sculptural pieces in bog yew can also be produced.

Carbon Dated

The Bog Oak that we use has been carbon dated and proven to be almost 5,000 years old

Visit Our Studio.

The Bog Oak Studio on the Dublin Road, Clane, Co. Kildare is open to visitors to view our recent works.