Tree of Life

As an artist

” I Dream of things that never were and say why not ”

Through reflection the spaces in my sculpture may be tantamount to finding and seeking the meaning to life s big mysteries.




Medium: Bog Oak

Dimensions (cm)  74 x 23 x 104

Weight (kg) 29

Trees have been our friends since the beginning of time. They are sacred and contribute greatly to our wellbeing as humans and to the environment around us. The abstract and suggestive features herein symbolise the life and shelter it provides to the many wee creatures who resided and found a home there.

I get my inspiration for my bog oak sculptures from the natural world around me. But I am also surrounded by a lot of unworked pieces of bog oak in my workshop with fascinating shapes and intricate designs created by nature. There is a sacred connection between us and the natural world which can go unnoticed or appreciated. I try to make this connection in my bog oak sculptures.

When I work on a piece in my workshop, I think of the journey this special wood has travelled to reach me, I must respect it, and give it the best next chapter in its incredible life.

This bog oak piece has been buried in the earth for 4843 years  [ Carbon Dated ] It could have gone unnoticed and undiscovered, but fortunately it was found and now I have given it a new lease of life. The blank spaces in this sculpture connects the viewer to another world of possibilities and imaginings.

Additional information

Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 74 × 23 × 104 cm