When Balor was eventually was slain by his grandson Lugh, he fell face down into the ground. His deadly eye burned a hole in the ground.

This hole filled with water and became a lake which is known today as

Loch na Suil [Lake of the eye ] in County Sligo



Medium: Bog Oak

Dimensions (cm) 40 x 15 x 84

Weight (kg) 10

When my friend Jim White from County Sligo called me and said that he had unearthed a chunk of bog oak from a nearly bog, I was instantly excited because of all the mythology associated with that County, and I like to link my bog oak sculptures with old Irish fables and legends.

When as a child, Balor, looked into a potion being brewed by his father. The deadly fumes from the brew caused him to grow a poisonous potent eye. Subsequently as a result of this very powerful evil eye, he became the leader of the Formorians the first people to inhabit Ireland.

By just gazing at his enemies, Balor could destroy armies instantly.

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Dimensions 40 × 15 × 84 cm