Cara Dilis

This old piece of bog wood thousands of years old could have have decayed back into the ground unnoticed, but thankfully this particular sculpture has now become a special unique piece with a great back story and meaning to it



Medium: Bog Oak

Dimensions (cm) 26 x 23 x 93

Weight (kg) 10

Cara Dilis [ Faithful Friends ]

In all my bog oak sculptures, I endeavour to give the back story attached to all my work, as it enriches the meaning and its origins.

I found this of bog oak in Foxhall Bog in County Galway. It was located in a very beautiful, scenic but isolated area of the bog.

The story goes two sisters often went there to save the turf during their summer holidays. They recount the happy times spent in playful girlhood innocence , jumping from the high banks and running over the squelchy landscape.

The natural shapes and images already in the wood spoke to me instantly. It was already dry as it had been lying in hopeful expectation in an old broken down shed for years. It would appear that it was awaiting my arrival to allow it to tell us about all the happenings of that tranquil and peaceful place.

I set about with chisel and mallet to liberate and highlight the two central features or characters which were barely discernible, but were pleading to be allowed to speak and tell of their friendship, their secrets, their closeness and their unbroken bonds of friendship.

The blank spaces in this two toned sculpture can be filled by the viewers imagination, creativity, and thoughtful reflection and curiosity.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 26 × 23 × 93 cm