Formorian Warrior

The Formorians are believed to be the first inhabitants to live in Ireland. Some say that they were dark skinned animal like creatures of the sea. They were a hostile monstrous group, led by Balor of the evil eye but was eventually defeated by Lugh and his army of Tuatha De Danann. The Formorians were said to represent the god of chaos and De Danann the god of human civilization.



Medium: Bog Oak

Dimensions (cm) 41L x 30W x 89H

Weight (kg) 7

In this bog oak sculpture I have endeavoured to bring a rhythmic flow or movement to the main body part to symbolise the connection the Formorians had to the water. The head of this warrior is textured and corrugated to give it added depth and interest compared to his body which is very smooth. There is a contrast between the rough finish on his head and the very smooth surface on the rest of his body. The use of both finishes gives a sense of personality and definition to the form.

The Formorian Warrior is in Private Collection Nova Scotia Canada.