Le Cheile

Le Cheile

This oak tree from which my bog oak sculptures are created from, once grew from tiny acorn to might oak nurtured by the ancient rays that shone over this fair land over five thousand years ago.



Medium: Bog Oak

Dimensions (cm) 53 x 21 x 40

Weight (kg) 7

Le Cheile.

This bog oak piece was located in Loughrea Co. Galway.

The image of the oak is buried deep in the hearts and psyche of the Irish people. The rituals of the iron age Druids were performed mostly under the oak tree, as recorded by contemporary Roman writers.

In Ireland many of these sacred iron age customs and symbols were taken over and adopted for Christian worship.

St. Brigid s church in Kildare town derives its name from the Gaelic [ Cill Dara ] church of the oak.

The material that I work on for my bog oak sculptures is older than the Pyramids of Egypt.