The Irish Melting Pot

The Irish Melting Pot.

This magnificent remnant of Ireland s ancient past depicts the journey and the story of the Irish people over the last five centuries




Medium: Bog Pine

Dimensions (cm) 140 x 35 x 210

Weight (kg)


The Irish Melting Pot


In my bog oak sculptures, I like to tell stories of the past or ones happening in todays world.

This significant piece of Bog Pine was located near Trinity Well in County Kildare the source of the famous river Boyne.

This river and the surrounding area of Tara has incredible importance in Irish mythology and history. The Boyne valley has witnessed a Melting Pot of civilisations of life for millennia. Many different cultures have settled here and left their mark on this environment from the first farmers who raised their megalithic tombs at Bru na Boinne over 5000 years ago, to the ancient High King who ruled this country from Tara Hill,

To the monks who worshipped at the many early ecclesiastical sites such as Kells [Book of Kells ] to the Normans who built the Castle at Trim and finally to the battle of the Boyne where King William and James fought for the throne of England in 1690.

In my bog oak sculptures I feel I have forged an unbroken link with the soul of this ancient country, with the blending of many different and diverse cultures and backgrounds in its D. N. A.

More recently modern Ireland has seen a further change in its cultural make up. There is currently a mosaic of ethnic people living here from all over the world.

My sculpture describes the fusion and the assimilation of diversity into a much enriched and more colourful country. The very deep vivid colour in the wood also symbolises the richness,  abundance of talent Ireland has received by the influx of all these different people into our country.

In this piece, I have succeeded in realising the full splendour and beauty of the magnificent colour and hue in the wood without the use of any artificial stains or dyes.

Emphasising and allowing the natural shapes, lines and contours in this incredible remnant from the ancient past to come to life, is a central tenet of all my work as an artist.

There is a movement, or a journeying from the outer limits of this sculpture converging on the centre, with a harmonious blending together of curves, forms and silhouettes depicting the patch work of cultures in the current make up of the Irish Race

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Dimensions 140 × 35 × 210 cm