The Morrigan


Many influences shape my bog oak sculptures, the weather of long ago, the water and the bog in which it lay, the bugs in the ground and lastly the artist s input



Medium: Bog Oak

Dimensions (cm) 49L x 17W x 89H

Weight (kg) 7

The Well Field was indeed a very befitting name for the location where my life long passion for bog oak began. I came across this piece when I was rambling around my relations land in county Galway. It was lying in an old drain in a very sad state. As I worked on it, the story of the Morrigan in Irish Mythology came to mind. The Morrigan did disguise and transform herself into a humble crow at various battles during her time. Highlighting the birdlike features of the crow were vital to the final presentation of my sculpture.

To transform and give this discarded and disbanded remnant of partly rotten and decaying wood another life, and turn it into a a most magnificent and majestic sculpture was a most satisfying experience.

A treasured and special moment for me as an artist comes when I have transformed and given  rebirth and resurrection in my work as the Morrigan managed to do in her time.

Morrigan is now in Private Collection in the U.S. A.