Bog Oak Sculptures

"When I was assigned by the National Geographic Magazine to go to Ireland and photograph the Bog Bodies in the National Museum Dublin, I knew that I needed to show the natural process that happens when something is buried in the bog for thousands of years. When I visited Larry's studio in Clane Co. Kildare, I knew right away that if one of his magnificent sculptures could be brought back to the bog, it would give an organic visual element to the story I was about to record regarding the Bog Bodies with my camera. I photographed his awesome “New Awakenings sculpture“ in an nearby bog in Prosperous County Kildare. It worked so well that I had to bring one of Larry s sculptures home to my apartment in Brooklyn where it sits as a centre piece in my living room."
harney 1
Robert Clark
National Geographic Magazine Freelance photographer working with world s leading Publications
"I first met Larry when both of us were in the Kildare Chamber of Commerce. That was when I first witnessed Larrys extraordinary works of art. His beautiful art was of huge interest to the members of the Chamber. Many of his creative works were presented to very notable and distinguished people on and off the Board in the Chamber on special occasions. I also presented his bespoke art for the North Kidare Rugby annual business awards. The recipients were always so pleased to receive such a unique and once of piece of art. When you visit The Bog Oak Studio in Clane, you will see his outstanding array of work and one of his sculptures will always make an ideal and special gift for that significant presentation whether personal or corporate occasion."
Ronan Toughy
Board Member Kildare Chamber of Commerce President North Kildare Rugby Club
"The Perfect Sculpture, Bog oak of Ireland, Beautifully sculptured by a real Professional, It gives us so much pleasure every day."
Bill Egar
"I had a very specific vision of what I wanted and Larry was great in guiding me over many conversations and emails as to the final form the resulting treasure took. It was a wonderful process as Larry appreciated how important the brass candlesticks from an old piano were to our family. He sculpted a most beautiful peice of bog oak which supported and complimented the candlesticks. The bog oak sculpture and brass candlesticks work perfectly together and the resulting usable art takes pride of place at our table on every special occasion. Warm regards"
Shauna Gilligan
"Larry's art in bog oak is wisdom in wood, alter your viewing angle and another perspective unveils itself. If the role of the artist is to bring craft to the hand, then Larry brings heart to his art. Like a set of unfinished sentences for the eyes they await the viewers input and vision. His work is both subtle and but not simple, and it invites you into a space of Zen like contemplation where the busy world falls away and you find answers where you didn’t know you had questions. Don’t miss the invitation that it finds you waiting and worthy"
Kevin Corrigan